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It is about furthering your knowledge, finding a career path that best suits you, and transitioning from your immature high-school self to your mature adult-self. Forum 1: Original Post Job Satisfaction and Resistance to Change Job satisfaction is defined as favorable emotions about one’s job developed from an assessment of its nature” (Robbins &Judge,2009) Many things can disrupt job satisfaction such as stress, fear, lack of knowledge, and change However, in my opinion, I strongly believe job satisfaction is more important than big salary. It is my opinion that enjoy your work has more advantages than earn a lot of money. You should write at least 250 words If you can go to work and laugh, have fun and find joy in the work you do, then you have basic career happiness right there. Acquiring things. To sum up I believe that getting satisfaction and the working conditions are more important in a job than the money you earn. If more people strived in life towards true happiness rather than money, the world would be a better place The Importance of a Job The more money exchanged satisfaction your job more important than money you earn essay for labor, the more important the job becomes. In addition to the remuneration being offered, many people may consider job satisfaction, career growth opportunity , and (the balance between life and work) work life balance as other important factors when selecting a workplace. Firstly, a boring work brings. Sentence2- This is because it makes people happy and motivated. This works not only for yourself but also what/whom you’re working for Worse still, if you don’t like your job, it could stress you out and lead to many health problems. 3.) You may get. It is often argued that a high wage brings more advantages (off topic) to choose a career (The topic is not about a career, but a job.These are different.) than job satisfaction, even if it does not appeals (wrong form) you. Happiness Is More Important Than Money : No doubt, money is important to survive and to earn that money people require to work.This is one of the central reasons of working but, I truly believe that, money is not everything and we cannot buy happiness with money If you think that you honestly couldn’t be happy if you let your dream career slip away from you then maybe you need to check out the next point we are going to cover. There are many different attributes of a job that motivate a person to choose one. In my opinion, this apprehension is unwarranted and so should be rejected Keeping employees engaged and satisfied takes more than just good pay and benefits. People who are working a job of this sort often are doing it solely for the money, and see the amount of money as more important than fulfillment within the context of this particular job because it is helping them to get where they want to be Equally, if your friends are high-earning bankers and lawyers, you may experience far more salary-related dissatisfaction than you would if they were teachers. 1.) You wake up every morning relaxed. The role of lucrative salary packages in job satisfaction is widely debated, with several people claiming that money is not the only panacea for happiness at work. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Money is important because having money means that you will not be destitute. Money can buy everything else, but it can’t buy happiness. When you’re looking for a new job, remember that an enormous salary isn’t always the only key to happiness. It is the one thing that keeps you motivated. Of course, it is. Others think that people cannot expect to enjoy a job and having a permanent job is more important. What is the outcome of being in a job that you love? best part of working in a job which you love is that you don’t need to postpone enjoyment. The importance of the job becomes clearer.. Therefore, you must identify what work values you cherish the most before you choose a. As we will see in this lesson, there is no definitive way to measure job satisfaction or. To what extent do you agree or disagree? In a 2013 Philips/Work Life Survey, 96 percent of working Americans believe they’d be happier if their job incorporated more of their personal interests.That means a majority of working Americans aren’t already in a job with their interests Happiness Is More Important Than Money : Essay, Speech, Article Why Happiness Is More Important Than Money ? Go to college, get a job, buy a house, raise a family. Unfortunately as we earn more money we’re likely to be surrounded by richer people so we often end up failing to take advantage of the positive comparison. Here are fifteen things I've found that are more important than money. It means that you are not dependent on being employed, living paycheck to paycheck and having to put up with abuse by your boss because you badly need your job. The most important thing about a job is how much money you earn in that job. The stakes are high as only a handful of lucky professionals immediately manage to find a job that fulfills both requirements To sum up, the factors of satisfaction might be more than above; the most important thing is to find the personal factor and try to fullfil it.

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